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Ristorante Corleone

Our Story

Since our opening on July 18th 2018, our restaurant’s mission is to bring a taste of Italy and the Mediterranean region to your dinner table right here in the heart of “Port Saint Lucie”, Florida.

We went to great lengths in trying to find unique products imported right from Italy, and to create a menu that uses only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, for an authentic Italian fine dining experience.

Ristorante Corleone is a little different than your typical “Italian” restaurant. Our menu has almost no Italian-American influence, as we made a clear business choice to assert ourselves as “purist” ambassadors of the authentic Italian cuisine. A risky choice in the beginning, which has now paid off thanks to a strong and loyal following among the local population, who appreciates and supports what we do at our Restaurant.

Ristorante Corleone is not a cheap avenue either. Our prices average higher than similar establishments in the area. That is because we do not compromise on the quality of our ingredients, which carry a significantly higher price tag at the source. However, the quality and freshness of our ingredients is positively reflected on the outcome of the final product we serve at your table, and you can taste the difference.

Join us for that special event or occasion, we promise to make it a memorable experience.

Meet Our


Luca Fontanarosa Chef / Owner

Chef and Owner Luca Fontanarosa was born and raised in Catania, Sicily (Italy). A Computer Science graduate, he came to the United States in 1991 (age 24) on a vacation trip and to explore opportunities in the IT field. He landed his first job as a QA Analyst for a Kodak subsidiary company in Rochester, NY.

Subsequently, he decided to relocate to Syracuse, NY to pursue a career as a Software Engineer, successfully climbing the Corporate ladder over the course of the next 25 years, until his retirement as a Chief Technical Officer from a healthcare organization based in Baldwinsville, NY.

Despite his formal education in a completely unrelated field, Chef Luca maintained a true passion for food and cooking since his early childhood, learning most of the recipes he uses today from his mother, grandmother, and other relatives in Sicily.

After retiring from IT in 2014, he decided the time was right to fulfill his dream of becoming a chef, and eventually to own a restaurant. He enrolled in Culinary school in 2014 earning a Culinary Diploma and a Hotel and Restaurant Management Diploma by the end of 2016.

He gained hands-on experience by working at several restaurants in Syracuse, NY. Then in early 2017 he moved to Port Saint Lucie, Florida with the intention of opening an Italian restaurant. He served as a Sous-Chef at a local, high-volume Restaurant in Hobe Sound, Florida, until the right opportunity presented itself in the form of a small place which he saw fit to start his adventure as a Chef and Restaurant owner.

As a result, Ristorante Corleone opened its doors on July 18th 2018.

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